ATS Servo In-Die Tapping Units & Controllers

s-100-servo-controllerATS has been designing and building Servo Driven Tapping units for over 10 years with one goal in mind, to be the fastest most durable user-friendly Servo in-die tapping unit on the market today. We constantly strive for perfection. As our latest S-100 SP1 Controller combined with our Servo tapping units will demonstrate.

Our controllers are designed to run with all presses from basic mechanical presses to the latest state of the art servo presses. ATS' controller is typically a closed loop system with optional grayscale/SSI or press signal input. This gives us the ability to run with any press or as a stand-alone unit. The controller is designed to be the most user friendly available. By following the press speed automatically, the tapping unit keeps in perfect time with the press. Our menu oriented system allows programs to be created in a matter of minutes and changes to be made while the press is running to fine tune the program for optimum performance.


Eliminate Secondary Tapping

For most stamped parts with a tapped hole or holes IN-DIE TAPPING has become the only competitive alternative to secondary tapping. Secondary tapping of stamped parts has always been far more costly then the stamping operation. By combining stamping and tapping our customers are cutting costs as follows:

Initial Cost: The costs of building a tapping die (including the tapping unit) are usually considerably less then building a high speed secondary tapping machine. Secondary tapping machines are usually dedicated to a single part, whereas a tapping unit can be changed from die to die. This reduces the initial cost of subsequent tapping dies, making lower volume tapped stamped parts feasible for in-die tapping.

Labor Cost: By eliminating the secondary tapping operation all labor, related handling and feeding costs are also eliminated. In-die tapping enables the press operator to produce completed tapped parts in one operation, in many cases without sacrificing press speed. Except for inspection and tap changes (with ATS's twist lock lead screw assembly, tap changes can be performed in seconds) the cost of tapping is reduced to a minimum.

Production Cost: In almost all cases in-die tapped parts are produced at a far faster rate then secondary tapped parts. With ATS's new high speed tapping units, the tapping unit no longer becomes the limiting factor in how fast a tapped part can be produced. Now the size of the tap and material being tapped will determine the ultimate production rate of a tapped stamped part. Some customers presently are running the new ATS tapping units close to 200 strokes per minute producing millions of tapped stamped parts monthly. Whether tapping high speed brass electrical parts or larger steel automotive parts, ATS's tapping units have proven to be most competitive in the industry.

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Eliminate Secondary Tapping with In-Die Tapping
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